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Season : International Nurseries for Season 2021

28th Facultative and Winter Wheat Observation Nursery for Semiarid Environments

This nursery with global distribution targets dry environments with the yield level of 1-3 t/ha. Its objective is to offer diverse germplasm for evaluation on small plots (10-15 gr of seed is distributed) and selection of the best lines for utilization in crosses or further studies. Some of the entries in this nursery are tall with the height of 100-120 cm. The frequency of genotypes resistant to yellow rust is high in this nursery. The 28th FAWWON-SA will be composed of 90 entries including the checks. The winter/facultative germplasm developed by Turkey-CIMMYT-ICARDA IWWIP Program is combined with the germplasm from the breeding programs in Eastern Europe, Iran, Central Asia and USA which generously agreed to share their germplasm. This introduced germplasm was pre-screened in Turkey for adaptation to dry environment and diseases. The data for the nursery including disease reaction will be made available with the seed and through the Internet. Around 60 sets of this nursery will be distributed globally for 2020-2021 season.