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Speed Breeding Achievements in IWWIP

Speed Breeding Achievements in IWWIP

After the structuring Speed Breeding Facility in Izmir, IWWIP has actively benefited from it and achieved three winter wheat generations in the first thirteen months. The rapid generation materials in that first year are now in the preliminary yield trials (PYT) and around 1,400 lines were planted in Konya.

A total of 100 populations selected from the F2 material planted in Edirne were sown in the speed breeding greenhouse as F3 generations using single seed descent (SSD) method. The F5 generation materials involving 10,000 hill plots obtained with 2-generation rapid breeding in the facility were planted under field conditions in Izmir. In the 2020 season, the selections are being performed under the rust epidemic.

The Program has invested in the speed breeding facility in 2019 adding a growth room for vernalization as well. The new growth chamber was utilized for a 5-week vernalization requirement.

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