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A Brief Report of the IWWIP Annual Activities in 2019-20 Season: from national/international cooperation to registered varieties

In 2020, wheat grain yield was generally lower than the average of many years. The total precipitation was irregular and less than long term average in 2019-20 growing season in all locations where IWWIP nurseries have been planted. Planting was done timely in all locations however, since there was less rain after sowing, germination was late and negatively affected. The stripe rust epidemic (artificial) in both Haymana and Izmir locations and high severity of leaf rust epidemic (natural) in Adapazarı allowed screening of the IWWIP germplasm. In addition, advanced IWWIP germplasms were evaluated under the natural stem rust epidemic in Eskisehir location.

IWWIP Annual Report, 2019-2020

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Advanced IWWIP germplasms and introduction materials are distributed every year through International Nurseries for observing their performance in different regions and providing germplasm to breeding communities. The reports for the nurseries (27th FAWWON-IRR, 27th FAWWON-SA, 23rd IWWYT-IRR and 22nd IWWYT-SA) distributed for 2019-2020 season are currently available at Nursery Data section of web site. We would like to grateful to IWWIP cooperators to help generating the data and sharing their insights with us.


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IWWIP  prepares four international nurseries as observation and yield trials for irrigated and semi-arid areas every year. IWWIP could not prepare the nurseries for yield trails due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Other observations nurseries (28th FAWWON-IRR and 28th FAWWON-SA) were prepared and will be distributed according to nursery request.

The field books and web datas of the nurseries are available in Field Books and Nursery Data sections.

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International Winter Wheat Improvement Program: history, activities, impact and future

The history, activities, impact and future of the IWWIP have been evaluated by Morgounov et al., (2019) and published at Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering. IWWIP cooperation with researchers in Turkey, Central and West Asia and several US universities has resulted in a number of publications reviewed in this paper. The role of winter wheat in the global context and production environments, current IWWIP breeding system, research highlights, impact, and future perspectives were examined by authors.

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