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Wheat Diversity and Human Health

The objective of the International Conference on Wheat Diversity and Human Health is to bring the wheat researchers and the human health community together to exchange information and discuss strategies for improving the health benefits of wheat by exploiting diverse genetic resources, modern breeding and genomics and sustainable production and processing technologies.

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The IWWIP and introduced germplasm are distributed every year through International Nurseries and latest reports for season 2017-18 are available at nursery data section.

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IWWIP Annual Meeting

The IWWIP annual meeting was held in Sanliurfa, January 21-24, 2019. All the IWWIP activities in 2017-2018 and perspectives for 2019 and beyond was reported by coordinators. 

  • Distribution of IWWIP activities among the institutes and 2018 results were presented by institute representatives.
  • International Nursery performance, variety releases and international cooperation, update on IWWIP research experiments results and research directions for 2019 have been presented and discussed.

IWWIP Annual Meeting Agenda

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Speed Breeding Greenhouse-IWWIP, Izmir

08 November 2018

Now the second cycle of breeding germplasm grows in IWWIP Speed Breeding Facility, Izmır. The plants have been growing very well and speedy. This germplasm cycle started in early August with 5 weeks vernalization and greenhouse transplantation in October. The time needed between planting in the greenhouse and anthesis was 50 days and another 30-40 days for maturity. Few winter populations are behind in development probably due to longer vernalization needs. We will start to harvest end of the November 2018. More information: Dr. Beyhan Akin –

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IWWIP National Wheat Travelling Seminar and Phenotyping Workshop

Every year visitors come from outside to learn about IWWIP activities and make germplasm selection. This year visit will cover key breeding sites and will be combined with phenotyping workshop. Around 45 local and international visitors are expected.

Program of IWWIP National Wheat Travelling Seminar and Phenotyping Workshop

PHOTOS during the travelling seminar and phenotyping workshop

You can see the story about the event via the links below

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