Disease, grain quality and molecular markers data is available for 2013-2014 international nurseries

International Nurseries The files with the disease, growth habit, grain quality and molecular markers are available for IWWIP international nurseries distributed for 2013-2014 season: 21st FAWWON-Irrigated; 21st FAWWON-Semiarid. IWWIP would like to thank the colleagues who contributed the data. Please do not hesitate to contact IWWIP if you have any questions.

Request for International Nursery data return

Wheat Field The time has come to summarize the data from IWWIP International Nurseries grown in 2012-13 cycle. These nurseries were: 20th FAWWON-Irrigated; 20th FAWWON-Semiarid; 16th IWWYT-Irrigated, 15th IWWYT-Semiarid and 4th WWSRRN. Please send the data for these nurseries electronically to iwwip@iwwip.org or as hard copy to IWWIP, P.K. 39 Emek 06511 Ankara Turkey. IWWIP will summarize the data and will make it available to cooperators by mid-January, 2014.

Paper published on agronomic performance of IWWIP germplasm in the region

Paper co-authored by Dr. Ram Sharma analyzing performance of IWWIP Regional Yield Trial for Irrigated conditions in the past 5 years has been published by Euphytica journal. Using genotype x environment (GGE) biplot analysis a number of breeding lines were identified which combine high and stable yield with acceptable disease resistance and other important traits.

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